The Elephant House

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On my last post about my new year celebration in Edinburgh, I wrote a little bit about the coffee shop where JK>Rowling wrote her phenomenal book, Harry Potter. The coffee shop was so memorable for me. Not just because of JK.Rowling, but the experience received in from this coffee shop was fabulous. The spirit attached in this coffee shop that gives such positive energy from every slurp of the coffee was wonderful. I just cannot stop to be thinking about it.

It will not be called "The Elephant House" if it is not filled with elephant decoration. I love the ethnic and unique decorations of elephants available in this coffee shop. Representing love, caring, and passion, elephants are the perfect figure of animals to be presented. This coffee shop have wonderful elephant decorations from paintings, porcelain, wood carving, until drawings. I also love the lighting in this coffee shop. It gives warmness to the cold feeling in Edinburgh. It makes us feel happy to be inside this coffee shop. It makes us willing to enjoy hours and hours inside this coffee shop.

One of the things that amazed me so much is their ability to engage with their customers. They appreciate every customers in a warn and friendly manner. One of the beautiful engagement that they conduct is when they put drawings of elephants that are created by their customers. I love to see how creative people are drawing elephants representing their imagination of elephants. It was cute, wonderful, and adorable.

Another special thing about this coffee shop is the strong icon of JK.Rowling. It is said that The Elephant House was the place where JK.Rowling wrote her book of Harry Potter. I do believe that this place does not only inspire JK.Rowling to write her book, but it also inspires many other writers to write their books. At least it successfully inspires me to make a wishful new year resolution to publish my own book with my name written as the author.

I love everything in this coffee shop...

The Spirit, The Joy, The Atmosphere, The View, and The Experience..

Thank you The Elephant House..

I surely will return to visit you again some time in the future..