UAN, Indonesian Final Exam

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I am one of the student in one of the popular school in Purwokerto. SMA N I Purwokerto.
UAN is held every year to decided who could graduate or not. Every year UAN had different mark passes. This year the mark pass is 5. Students whose mark is under 5, can not graduate and had to repeat one more year in the senior high school.
UAN stands for Ujian Akhir Nasional ( National Final Exam ) was held on the 17th of April 2007 until the 19th of April 2007 for the senior high school. The subject which is being tested is Economic, Indonesian, and English ( for the Social class ) and Mathematics, Indonesian, and English ( for the Science class ).
There are two different kind of question. The A and the B. This is made, so that the participant of the test can't help other participant. For the social class, the A question are much easier than the B. This is one of the unfareness of the National Final Exam held in Indonesia. The Indonesian and the english test for me is not that difficult. But the Economic test was hard. Very hard!!!
Eventhough the Economic test was difficult, I am sure that I could graduate with a good mark. We have to be optimist to every situation.


  1. Is UAN so difficult? In my country there's no such thing like UAN. We graduate with the marks we have take since the seventh grade. It's not fare if we don't pass the minimum marks you can't graduate. How come there are two kinds of class in one school? Well, good luck on your exam! Home you can graduate this year.


  2. I am also one of the participants of UAN this year. I had try the UM UGM test, Tarumanegara, and on this May I am going to try The UNDIP test in Semarang. I really want to take my university in overseas like in Australia, America, UK, Singapore or Malaysia. But my parent could not afford it. Do you know who could give me schoolarship? To let you know, I am fluent in speaking english and my TOEFL are high enough for an Indonesian.


  3. Dear Desta...
    Good for you Desta! We could get big adventage if we are fluent in English now days. I know some links which you could try to ask for scholarship.

    That is if I am not wrong. Rotari also gave scholarship programe. You could also try to search on the search engine.

    Love Handini..