[REVIEW] Giordani Gold Voluptuous Lipstick By Oriflame

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Giordani Gold is one of the product line of Oriflame, a Swedish cosmetics company that sells its product through multi-level marketing scheme. Oriflame itself is very popular in Indonesia and adored by many women of Indonesia. I personally rarely used Oriflame, but I have to give it a try on one of their premium line, Giordani.

Giordani Gold Voluptuous Lipstick is designed to be one of Oriflame luxury line that are inspired by the elegance and elusive of classical Italian lifestyle. Each of the Giordani Gold Voluptuous Lipstick is sold for IDR. 198.000 which is actually quite a premium price for a lipstick. Its luxury is obviously shown by its packaging. The lipstick is packaged in a very exclusive and sleek glass package, decorated with gold details. I personally adore the packaging.

The shade that I decide to get is called Fuchsia Petals. It is a settle red dipped with just a scent of purple in their shade. The product however offer two other shades that I did not get.

The amount of product inside the package is not as generous as what I've expect it to be. The shape of the lip product is like a small tube with a flat top. I personally prefer the traditional lipstick shape that has a more narrow shape at its top to make the application on my lips becomes easier. However, the round flat tube shape of the Giordani Gold lipstick makes it a bit challenging for me to apply.

The consistency of the lipstick itself is very velvet and moisturising. It is super moisturising that it adds an instant glow. Honestly it is not a good thing for a matte lover like me. Just like any other moisturising lip product, the Giordani Gold lipstick needs an extra swipe on the application for perfect pigmentation.

The application in my lips tends to make my face looks a bit older than I am. It is super glossy which I am also not a fan of.

This is what it looks like after finishing one meal. As you can see that all the product has disappeared in my lips. But if we look closely the lip product leaves a tinted red to my lips. So yes it does stains a bit.

I will give the Giordani Gold Voluptuous Lipstick a 6/10. I like the packaging so much. The moisturising effect does helps too. However, I am not a fan of its colour and its consistency. The pricing is also a bit overpriced for this quality in my honest opinion.

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