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Hey Beautifoe..!

I hope everyone receive lots of joy in their Christmas Holiday.

Lately the Naked 3 Palette is a big thing in the beauty blogger world. Going through my several favorite beauty gurus that reviewed about the Urban decay (UD) Naked 3 Palette has made me crave for this palette even more.

I live in Indonesia. we don't have Sephora store in Indonesia. So the closest Sephora that I can go to in order to buy my palette is in Singapore. Come on! It's impossible to fly to Singapore just to buy a piece of eye shadow palette. So weather I like it or not, I have to buy it in an Indonesian makeup online store in Instagram or Facebook.

I spend quite a time to search for several reliable online makeup store in Instagram. Unfortunately, the online store that I used to shop at cannot access the Naked 3 Palette yet. So I have to re-search again. The unfortunate thing again is that the online stores that is able to facilitate a Pre-Order services for the Naked 3 Palette takes way a long time to receive the product. The fastest, I can only receive it on January 2014. I just can't wait that long...Lol

I am very lucky to find an Instagram account of a very nice lady that have an excess Naked 3 Palette. Short story short, she is selling her excess Naked 3 Palette to me for the price of IDR.800.000. Yayy..!!! No need to wait for such a long time.

I receive my package just 2 days after I transfer my payment to her. I was very happy and cannot wait to play with it and make a review out of it. Unfortunately, I have to travel out of town for family events, so I cannot write a review right at that time.

However, today I played a little with my palette and thankfully have the chance to write a review of it. So let's just directly go to the review.


The packaging of the Naked 3 is very similar like the Naked 2 Palette. It comes in a metal case. What makes it different is just the elegant "wave design" in front of the lid that I love so much. Just like the Naked 2, the metal case have a great quality that is not heavy but secured very well. It also comes with a premium quality two sided brush. The brush is slightly different with Naked 2. In the Naked 3 palette, one of the brush is a small flat brush and the other end is a large application brush.


All of the Naked collections tend to focus on the neutral colors. For the case between Naked 1 and Naked 2, there are some repetition of colors. For Naked 3, the colors in my opinion is the one that 100% different with the others previous Naked version. The Naked 3 palette tends to have more of the "Pink Tones", while the Naked 1 and Naked 2 both have "Brown Tones". In Naked 3 there is also no repetition of colors from the Naked 1 and Naked 2 palette. So all the colors is brand new..!!! Lets talk about the colors one by one so we can get a better picture of the colors in the Naked 3 Palette.

Left to Right: Strange + Dust + Burnout

Strange: The lightest color in the collection. It's matte very soft pink.
Dust: Shimmery light pink. It's a great color for that pop of color right in the middle of the eyelid.
Burnout: Shimmery sultry color. Very beautiful for everyday girly look.

Left to Right: Limit + Buzz + Trick
Limit: Very soft brown matte color. Great for blending.
Buzz: Dark pink shimmery color. To me, it's like a combination between deep pink and very light purple.
Trick: Shimmery bronze. Great for glamour look.

Left to Right: Nooner + Liar + Factory
Nooner: Matte milky brown color. It looks like chocolate milk.
Liar: Shimmery soft cooper color.
Factory: Shimmery brown. Great for the glamour smoky look.

Left to Right: Mugshot + Darkside + Blackheart
Mugshot: Shimmery sultry soft brown. It's like a combination between light cooper with silver.
Darkside: Shimmery deep dark brown.
Blackheart: Shimmery deep purple with red glitter. It reminds me of vampires. This color is so glamour for a special New Years Eve smoky look.

Texture + Swatch

I personally think that Urban Decay is always a winner when it comes to eye shadow. They always comes with an awesome quality. All the colors is very pigmented and can be easily swiped. The matte colors is also very easy to blend with. I just cannot find any weaknesses yet when it comes to the quality and texture of the colors in the Naked 3. For the swatch, I took different pictures in 3 different conditions just so that we can get a clear picture of how it will look like in that 3 different conditions.

Indoor with NO FLASH



What Makes It Different With Naked 1 and Naked 2?

As what I have mention before, the major differences that we can find in this palette is the color tone. The Naked 3 palette is dominant with sultry pink tones. So this palette is best for those who loves the soft girly look. The colors it self is the most unique among the other two Naked palettes.


So is it worth to buy?

Definitely yes! I believe since there are no repetition of colors from the previous version of the Naked Palette, plus the fact that the diversification of colors in the Naked 3 palette is just so different with the other two palettes, the Naked 3 palette is just a must buy. It's a great palette for those who like a soft girly look.

I personally think that the Naked 3 palette is my most loved Naked Palette. I am a type of individuals who is not a big fan of a dramatic smoky look. So that's why I personally think that the color collections in the Naked 3 palette fits so much with my personality.

If you have tried the Naked 3 palette, please let me know what you think. I love to read different reviews of this palette.


Handini Audita


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