I Miss Him....:(

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I miss this guy so much..

He's not my boyfriend. He's not my fiance. He's not my husband. lol
He's my best friend. A very annoying best friend. His name is Hao.
Hao Wang....!

Me and Hao Making Meatballs

Hao and I met when we were taking our master degree in the UK a year ago. We live in the same apartment/flat building. We actually lived in the same floor. His flat is just next to mine. I lived in flat 3/9. He lived in flat 3/8. It was in the third floor.

Since we took the same course, we usually go to campus together. But sometimes he gets super lazy or wake up super late. So I will have to walk to campus alone because he decided to skip class. *upppss.. hope your boss doesn't read this babe..*

We are very close to each other. From the outside, our relationship almost looks like a "lover" relationship. So there was so many gossips in class perceiving that me and Hao is involved in a relationship. But the truth, it is just a very pure friendship. We usually laugh our ass off behind those people making silly gossips about us. It's just so funny.. hahahaha

His super sillyness in Food

He's quite caring. Sometimes he like to cook me "supercalifragilisticespialidocious" Chinese food that I cannot explain. His roasted chicken tastes the best! Even better than those I bought in stores. He said that it took 3 hours for him to cook it. But he cooks it anyway, and call me to come to his flat after he finished cooking. Then we'll have dinner finishing the whole chicken together. No wonder I gained so much weight. *face palm*

Sometimes he gets super moody. His moods sometimes goes up and down more dramatically than when a girl gets her period. When he is in such moody mode on, I'd rather stay far from him..LOL

Well, short story short, we managed to graduate together. Unfortunately, I did not get the chance to take pictures together with him. Yeah, I was too busy taking millions of pictures of my self in the graduation.. *selfish me..hahahaha*

Well, now he lived miles away from me. I am now in Indonesia. He is now in China.

He's now a busy man. Hard working man, working in a great company. He promised to buy me the newest Audi car one day when he gets super rich. Well, I hope you don't forget your promise Hao..lol

I miss you Hao..

Hope I can catch up with you soon in China or vice versa.



  1. aw >.< cute banget persahabatannya. plus itu makanan bikin sendiri? >.< kelihatan enak bangeeettt

    thanks ya aku follow back
    visit my blog ^^

  2. Iya bebb.. Itu semua masak sendiri. Kita doyan masak dan pastinya doyan makan.. Makannya jangan heran kalo badan eike segede Gajah beranak.. hahahahhaha..

    Aku udah baca blog kamu.. Blognya lucu..:)