Life is (the Art of) waiting...?

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This article was written because I was inspired by a powerful chapter in such a good book written by a great writer named Ollie..

I remember the time when I was only 3 years old. Yes. When I was still the little miss dini. I was a little girl living with a loving parent. I am very lucky to experience such a loving childhood.

It was not a common thing in my country at that time to send a child to pre-school in such an early age. So I spend my entire day just to play at home during the day. When evening come, at around 16:00, I will spend my time playing with other children in the neighborhood. During the day, I will see other children who is just a couple of years older than me, carries a big backpack and were neatly dressed in school uniform. Those "big kids" will return back home in the afternoon. Then they will take a nap. In the evening, they will start playing with me. As a 3 year old, it was a very big dream for me to go to school. Any kind of school. As long as I can wear backpacks and neat uniforms. So I asked my mother. "When will I be able to go to school?". Then she answered, "Be patient dear.. If you be good, eat a lot of food, and you are 4 years old, you will be able to go to school".

So I did what she said. I behave at my best manner every single day. I always finish my meal. I also always look at the calender. Waiting and waiting for the day when I turn 4.

Finally, after months and months of waiting, I turn 4 years old. I was very excited since I will go to school. As I just turn 4, my parents had been able to put me into kindergarten. I felt like such a big girl. I was waiting patiently day by day for my first day of school.

My first day of school turns out great. I met lots of new friends. I enjoy every single day of my kindergarten. Then, one by one, my friends starts to have a little sister or a little brother. So I asked my mom for a little sister. Then my mom said "Be patient dear. If you pray everyday to God, He will send you a little sister".

So I did. I prayed every single day. I've waited and waited for the little sister to arrive. Until one day, 28 June 1995, my little sister was born.

I was so excited to play with my little sister. But my mom said I have to wait till she is a bit bigger. So again, I waited.

At school, my friends who were just 1 year older than me were graduated from kindergarten. They move to another school with bigger kids. I asked my mom, "When will I graduate from kindergarten?". She answered "Soon.. If you behave good, you will graduate next year".

So I did. I behave good every single day. I've waited and waited for the day of my graduation. Until the days had come. I then went to elementary school with bigger kids.

It happens again and again. After spending a couple of years in elementary, I want to go to a higher degree, junior high school. So I have to wait. Waiting over and over again.

This makes me think, as a human being, we have spend most of our life time to WAIT. Yes, waiting for another big thing to happen. Waiting to experience something new. We might have not realized that since being a very small child, we have already had the ability to "set goals for our life to accomplish". What makes it different between a little child and an adult, is their level of goals. The older we get, the more challenging to accomplish the goal. For example, a toddler goal might only be going to kindergarten, and having a small sister. As getting older, their goal will grow such as graduating from kindergarten, elementary, junior high, senior high, then university. A human being had spent their life waiting for their goals to be accomplished. They are waiting through a series of process which we called LIFE. If you stop waiting, it means that you are not alive anymore.

Today, near the end of the year 2012, I have accomplished several events which were my goals in the past. I've graduated from University. I've experienced living overseas without my family. But yet, it does not keep me stop waiting for other events to happen. I am still waiting for my life career to happen, waiting for the day of my marriage which I still don't know when, waiting for my PhD study, waiting and waiting for other big things to happen. When those big things has happened, I will still be waiting and waiting again for the very very next big thing.

Life might be the art of waiting..
Tomorrow is never a guarantee for anyone.
So start dreaming, and start to make it happen.

With Love...


  1. I do love your thoughts. Keep dreaming higher to make your dream comes true!
    xoxo, love you!

    1. OMG!!! This was written a long time ago... Life really is a process of "waiting".. LOL