Toyota Indonesia: The Loyalty Ladder

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“The loyalty ladder is a useful classification tool to monitor customer loyalty” (Mascarenhas, Kesavan, and Bernacchi, 2006, pp.397). Relating to the relationship between myself and Toyota Indonesia, being an advocate would best describe the stage of relationship I have with Toyota Indonesia. When customers is described as advocate in the loyalty ladder, it would be defined that the customer “actively recommends you to others, and does the marketing for you” (Payne et al., 1999, p.45). Thus, in this case, the company should emphasize on “developing and enhancing relationships” or apply actions to keep the customers (Payne et al., 1999, p.45).

Toyota Yaris that my father had purchased for me in 2006 was my first car. For me, I have not conduct any purchase of Toyota Cars by myself from Toyota Indonesia Dealers. However, we have to be aware that Toyota Indonesia products are not only cars. They also sell heavy vehicles (trucks, tractors, and others), car spare parts, automotive services, and also car modification service. Since 2006 until the end of 2011, I have been a loyal customer of Toyota Indonesia by repurchasing car spare parts from Toyota Indonesia official dealers. I also always conduct the periodic services in Toyota Indonesia. When things go wrong with the car, I will return to Toyota Indonesia to get the problem fixed. Because of Toyota Indonesia ability to guarantee quality and satisfaction had increase my confidence and trust to let Toyota Indonesia handle my car even though aware with the condition that going to other private dealers will cost slightly much cheaper compared to Toyota Indonesia.

Categorizing myself as a loyal customer, I am not only willing to conduct repeat purchasing in a premium price, but I am also willing to spread positive word of mouth about the company and willing to be involved in the company community (Toyota Indonesia Owners Club). One time, when a close friend of mine was confused to purchase Toyota cars or Honda cars, I am willing to introduce the sales representative of Toyota Indonesia which I have good relationship with, to give information to my friend regarding Toyota cars. In the other words, I am willing to introduce new customers to Toyota Indonesia without getting paid. When a customer is loyal, “they repeatedly purchase product or services, recommend company to others, and they stick with the business overtime” (Prus and Brandt, 1995, p.10).

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