Favourite Nail Polish of the year ^_^

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A couple of months ago, my aunty who currently lived in Germany visited Indonesia for a couple of days. My aunty and I spent a wonderful time in Jogja (the city where I currently lived in). When the day comes where she has to leave for Germany, she gives me a wonderful nail polish. I love it very much and it's very hard for me to get bored of it.

The product is from Lancome, the Vernis Absolu version. They named the color MARS. It's lovely and elegant. It really matches with my skin color. I mean, it looks so natural when applied at my nails and it does not look pale in my nails. I love it so so so much... ^^

It is also comes in very simple packaging. It's packaged in very small bottle so it will be easy to carry for traveling. Unfortunately, I could not found it in the Lancome outlets in Jogja. So I'm really saving the nail polish and treat it as something really precious.. lol

Thank you Aunty Tiwi for the beautiful nail polish. I love it very very much...

kisses... xoxo