21:31 Handini Audita 2 Comments

This is a picture of me Today.

A 17 years old girl

Not a girl but Not yet a women

My friends say that I have a very sensual look. My smile is very misterious. Do you thing so????


  1. ehm..
    You're so beautiful. I know u are a smart girl,multitalente,now u are different with ur photo before in ur pofile.
    Oh..What a pity I'm I haven't seen yet you before.But i always read ur articels.ehm..very inspiratived.
    Ok girls..keep spirit for writing..See u in next class


  2. Not a girl but not yet a woman? (uf...thanks God, not NOT A GIRL but NOT a BOY yet). Sorry, just kidding beautifl girl..uf...woman....uf ....