International Program on Gajah Mada University

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There is a new program in Gajah Mada University. The program is really wonderfull. It is also really profesional.
I know this program from one of my friends which now he is one of the student of the Undergraduate International Program (IUP). His name is Catra. He was my senior on high school. He is a really nice guy. He like to help his friends so much. Any way, Catra came to my school, SMA N I Purwokerto to do a presentation about Gajah Mada University. On one of the part of the presentation, he talk about the IUP. I am a little bit intrested at that time. So, I talk about it with him outside the class room after the presentation ended. He told me a lot about the IUP.
After that meeting between Catra and I, I never contact him (at that time I was not close enough with Catra). We met once by accidently in Ambarukmo Plaza when I visit Jogja.He also ask me about the IUP."Are you intrested?" he asked me. But at that time I am still focussing on my aplication for University on overseas ( Malaysia ).
My grand mother doesn't support me to study in Malaysia. She want me to study close to my city. She said maximum in Jogja.So my parent and I are buzy looking for a university which provide an International standard. At that time I remember IUP. So I search the internet and look for the IUP web. When I opened the web page, WOW!!! It's wonderful! It's like the web made by the university on other country. The information are also very complete.
I try to find the contact with Catra. So I asked one of my teacher at school, his name is Mr.Wied. He told me Catra cell phone number. Then I call Catra and asked him about IUP. We talked a lot. He told me to ask the IUP for more information.
On the next day my father call the IUP and ask a lot about the program. They told my father every detail about IUP. It's a very good service. Because of that, my father told me to apply directly. So I directly apply online.
Not long after I apply, the IUP call me and asked me about the time of taking the test. They are very profesional. The next day I go to the bank and pay the application fee. After ariving home, I call the IUP to let them know that I have transfer the application fee. The told me to send the copy of the transfer scrip by fax.
I am really satisfied with the service they give to us. The prosedure of application are not complicated. What I like the most is that the test to be one of the student there are the same like what the university in other country do. Just TOEFL and UAT( a test which is nearly the same as SAT). So the Undergraduate International Program in Gajah Mada University are really an INTERNATIONAL STANDARD. Now, I am waiting for the test given on the 20th of June 2007 and on the 21st of June 2007. I hope I could do the test and be one of the student in the IUP.
Thank you Catra.
Thank you IUP.


  1. Hope you can get the good university you want. Always choose good university. I think UGM is good. You choose the ringt thing. Good luck. Suzan.

  2. Your writing is very useful. I want to apply IUP next year if I graduate from my high school.
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