Be A Young Writer

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Have you ever think of writing your own book? Maybe yes, maybe no. Did you know that writing a book could be so much fun. Writing a book sometimes is related to writing a very boring educational things. But, actually writing a book are not always boring. You could write anything tou like. Even your diary could be published as a book. The most important thing of writing a book is you have to try and try. Never give up on writing.

What's the adventages of writing a book?

Well, there are a lot of adventages like :
  • Having the experience of being a writer
  • Could make your writing skills better so you don't have to worry again on english class
  • Your Book could make money.

How come your book could make money?

If you book are accepted by the publisher, so your book is being published. You also could get money from every book sold. The sistem are called royalty. These are how it is done :

For example in Indonesia. Just pretend your book cost Rp. 25.000 and the royalty for every copy are 10% ( standard of royalty ) and your book are published for 3000 copies ( the minimum standard copy of books ). But your royalty will be minused to pay tax ( about 10% of the total you will get). So you will get :

((10% x Rp. 25.000 ) x 3000)-(tax)=

Rp.7.500.000 - Rp. 750.000 = Rp. 6.750.000

Wow....So, are you intrested on writing a book????